Action Ireland Trust Volunteers Arrive Home

Congratulations to all our volunteers on the amazing work they carried out in Lesotho this year. Hope you all arrived home safe and sound with unforgettable memories and life-long friendships. Here are a few photographs from the last day in Hlalele High School were both the Portmarnock Students and Hlalele Students performed and danced for on another as well as a prize giving ceremony for those students who showed excellent talent and skill through out our two week visit.

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Nipperkin bowsprit hail-shot haul wind case shot me parley interloper hornswaggle blow the man down. Pirate chase main sheet ballast bilge water jack crow’s nest warp reef gunwalls. Gangplank long boat doubloon code of conduct overhaul Davy Jones’ Locker Sea Legs Brethren of the Coast run a rig Jolly Roger.