Educational & School Resources


Ha Hlalele, Action Ireland Trust has constructed new classrooms, science, IT facility, admin block, kitchen.  Provided a well to supply water to the community and High School with a sanitation block. The students planted 5 acres of potatoes and vegetables, 1,000 fruit trees, beekeeping, chicken coop and piggery established. 

At Lithabangeng five new schools have entered into a similar project to Ha Hlalele,  an MOU signed in 2019 sets out agreed targets with the MoET. The schools provide education to 5500 learners and now has 350 teachers on our training programs. We have commenced the design process on each site to provide adequate sanitation facilities in association with UNICEF and further Early Childhood Development Centres will be constructed at these schools.

Early Childhood Development Centre

This project was developed with UNICEF who provide learning materials and the MoET providing ECDC teachers.  Investing in ECDC is a cost effective way to boost shared prosperity, promote inclusive economic growth, expand equal opportunity, and poverty. The opportunity for children from 0 to 5 to commence early education when these children are in their most formative years is immeasurable.