Medical –  Hygiene and infection Control

Over the last number of years, Action Ireland Trust has worked in St. Josephs Hospital in Roma, Lesotho. The Hospital built-in 1936 provided medical facilities for a population of over 25,000. Apart from the poor condition of the infrastructure, the in-house Medical Team and Hospital Administration needed some support to review procedures for best practice. Our Medical Team including our Dental Professional provided support with oral hygiene and dentistry, advice on infection control, patient care, communication and hospital administration. Our involvement and “Skill Transfer” initiative according to St. Joseph’s is a resounding success.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Roma

Our medical projects have mainly been based in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Roma.  Over the past 7 years, our team lead by Charlie Costello has extensively renovated the 120-bed hospital at Roma.  The hospital serves a vast community of over 125,000 people including the nearby National University of Lesotho Campus.

Built-in 1937 the facility needed significant investment into the building fabric in the following areas:

  • Solar Panels and water heating
  • Provision of wash hand basins for improved hygiene and infection control
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Re-roofing of the entire hospital
  • Re-flooring of the hospital
  • Provision of new beds – Provided by the HSE in Ireland
  • New medical equipment – Provided by the HSE in Ireland
  • Upgrading of a number of wards – TB Male and Female, Maternity and Children
  • Training of existing facility management team who now lead all the works on site.

We have seen a vast improvement in the management processes led by the team including medication management, infection control, human resource management, patient care, budgets and a significant reduction in Hospital-acquired infections.