I first travelled to Lesotho as a Transition Year student in 2012. Before the trip ended I could not wait to go back! It’s a life-changing experience since completing a degree in Social Care Practice I have returned to Lesotho twice. While in Lesotho I spent my time working in a primary school teaching singing dancing and having endless fun. The joy and gratitude the people of Lesotho have is the most overwhelming experience of all. 

Laura Hersens 2012 - 2019

I first travelled with Action Ireland Trust in 2013 as a transition year student, I was completely overwhelmed by the whole trip that I was determined to return on the trip. Since then I have returned the past 4 years since finishing school during these times working with the Construction Team on a number of projects while serving my time as an electrical apprentice.

Conor Bradshaw 2013 - present

Working first hand in the schools in Halaelae is an indescribable experience. Despite being surrounded by poverty and disease, the people are constantly smiling. Getting immersed in the culture of the Kingdom in the Sky has taught myself, and others a value lesson and put into perspective how fortunate we are. Without a doubt, the trip was life changing and I plan to return with Action Ireland Trust ASAP.


My trip to Lesotho with Action Ireland Trust was a life-changing and unforgettable experience. Visiting Lesotho gave me an appreciation for the life I have and opened my eyes to a new culture and way of life. I learned so many skills and discovered a lot about myself. The people there gave me a new attitude to life and I am truly grateful for the amazing experience I had in Lesotho.

Caoibhe Bolger 2018