Meeting with The new Minister for Education and Skills

Action Ireland Trust education team led by Michael McGlynn this week in Lesotho had a very successful programme which began with a meeting with The new Minister for Education and Skills Dr. Mahali Phamotse. Dr. Phamotse was briefed on AIT projects both in Education and Health and in particular AIT and our partners in this project Unicef for the rolling out of Early Childhood Development Centers.

Dr. Phamotse was very impressed with design and concepts for the centre and is very excited by the plans and has committed herself and her Departments support. She was equally impressed with The Hlalele HS project and the progress being made here. This Sunday will attend a workshop facilitated by AIT and hosted by Hlalele HS principal Justina and her staff, also attending will be His Excellency Paramente Phamotse Lesotho Ambassador to Ireland. The workshop will be attended by 60 teachers from surrounding schools to Hlalele High School. Camara will make a presentation on IT and also Niall FitzGerald and Michael McGlynn will present for AIT.

The workshop will establish a learning community and support community for teachers from 5 local schools to Hlalele. The support community will bring ICT support and teaching and learning support to these schools. Earlier in the week Michael and Niall visited these schools to evaluate their specific needs and challenges.

Michael and Niall with the staff from Makcaneng Primary School, the principal here is Ms. Glodya Chaka. AIT recently supplied 5 laptops here with the support of Camara, this school is a three teacher school with 145 pupils.